**Club Bylaws**


The name of this organization shall be East Coast Miniature Horse Club, Inc. hereinafter referred to
as ECMHC, Inc.


The ECMHC,Inc. shall be a sanctioned club of the American Miniature Horse Registry hereinafter
referred to as
AMHR, and the American Miniature Horse Association, hereinafter referred to as AMHA. The club
will cooperate
with AMHR and AMHA and abide by all of their rules pertaining to clubs.


As members of ECMHC,Inc. we will share the pride and joy of owning miniature horses with other
owners and
miniature horse enthusiasts. We will promote the breed in the most positive light possible and promote
a humane
attitude toward them. We will seek opportunities to increase our knowledge of the miniature horse, its
care and well
being, as well as the business of breeding, raising, training and exhibiting of miniature horses. In
addition, we will
set the example of good sportsmanship through a friendly, competitive atmosphere. As a non-profit,
we will support
other non-profit organizations with excess funds raised as agreed upon by the membership. Some of
which will
include, but not restricted to, Special Olympics, Therapeutic Riding Centers, and Miniature horse


Section 1. Membership:

Membership shall be open to all persons who subscribe to the objects of AMHR and AMHA, and
who apply for
membership. Members of ECMHC,Inc. shall be admitted, retained, and expelled in accordance with
such rules and
regulations as the membership may from time to time adopt by means of popular vote.

Section 2. Classes of Membership:

(a) Regular: Individual members who subscribe to the Articles of this club, and who are current with
their dues.
(b) Family: Members of a household including parents and children for whom the adults of the
household are legal
(c) Junior Members: Youth under the age of 18 who are sponsored by a regular member who is in
good standing.

Section 3. Dues

Each member shall pay to ECMHC, annual dues for the class of membership held, in such amount as
the Annual
Meeting may prescribe. Dues shall be as follows:

Regular Member Individual with (1) vote ………… $25.00 yearly
Regular Member Family/Farm with (2) votes *… $35.00 yearly
Junior Member, no voting privilege ……………………$10.00 yearly
* Family/Farm memberships must have the two registered members present at the meeting to receive
their two

Membership fees may be adjusted by the members at the Annual Meeting, by vote according to club

Section 4. Applications:

All applications for membership in ECMHC shall promptly be referred to the Secretary for the class
of membership
applied for, and the applicant will promptly be notified of the action taken.

Section 1. Powers of the Regular Meeting:
(a) Exclusive powers: The Regular Meetings provided for in Article VI hereof, shall have exclusive
powers to enact,
repeal, and amend the By-Laws; amend the Articles of Incorporation: and dissolve the Corporation.

(b) Other Powers: The Regular Meetings may, by resolution, take any other action not inconsistent
with law, or
with the By-Laws.

Section 2. Powers of Officers:

The Officers of ECMHC,Inc. shall have those powers delegated to them by these By-Laws and such
powers as may be delegated by the Regular or Special Meetings of the club.

Section 3. Hold Harmless:

The Officers, Committee Members, and Appointed Persons, of which will include all elected and
members of ECMHC,Inc. shall be held harmless from and indemnified by ECMHC,Inc. against any
and all claims or
demands of any party arising out of the performance of their duty conducted for and on behalf of
including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses incurred in the defense of any
litigation resulting


Section 1. Time and Place:

(a) Annual Meeting :  Shall be held each December, on a date to be determined and announced
pursuant to Section 2
of this Article.
(b) General Membership Meetings: Shall be held periodically throughout the year, as established by
the Officers and
as published on the Club Calendar and as announced via email contact to each current member.

(c) Special Meetings: Special Meetings may be called by the President upon individual written request
of not less
than 10% of the regular members in good standing or by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Notice

Notice shall be given as soon as the date for each meeting is set, but not less than 20 days before the
meeting is to
be held.

Section 3. Attendance

All members in good standing with ECMHC,Inc. whether Regular or Family shall be entitled and
encouraged to
attend any meeting, and shall have floor privileges.

Section 4. Admittance:

All members shall be required to have met all requirements for their class of membership prior to the
time of
commencement of the meeting.

Any member who would like to bring a potential member to a meeting is encouraged to do so.

Section 5. Voting:

(a) Regular Members or Family Members, are entitled to vote on any matter before the assembly.
There shall be one
(1) vote per member present as noted in Article IV, Section 3.

(b) Junior Members are entitled to speak concerning any matter before the assembly, but are not
entitled to vote.

(c) Quorum: A quorum to do business shall consist of the majority of the Members that have
presented themselves
to the meeting.

(d) Proxies: Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.

(e) Special Measures: A favorable vote of two-thirds of the members in attendance shall be required
to enact, repeal,
or amend a By-Law; repeal, or amend General Rules and Regulations.

Proposals to enact, repeal, or amend a By-Law; repeal or amend the General Rules and Regulations
shall be
proposed at a Regular Meeting and voted upon at the next Regular Meeting provided that the exact
proposed motion
must be stated in the call of the meeting as per Article VI, Section 2.

(f) Ordinary Measures: A majority of the votes cast shall be necessary for the election of an Officer or
for the
adoption of any other measure.

(h) Presiding Officer: The Presiding Officer of all meetings shall not vote except in the case of a tie.


Section 1. Enumeration:

The Officers of ECMHC,Inc. shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and
four Directors
selected in accordance with this Article, and elected at the Annual Meeting. All Officers shall
automatically be
deemed Directors in addition to the immediate past President if he/she is not already a Director. These
Officers shall
comprise the Board.

Section 2. Qualifications:

(a) No Officer or Director shall divulge any information concerning Club business, or matters that are
before the
membership as an individual.

(b) Each Officer and Director shall at all times during his/her continuance in office be a qualified
regular member.

(c) All Officers and Directors must have been a regular of good standing for at least six months prior
to their
election to Office.

Section 3. Terms:

(a) Officers shall be elected for one-year terms.

(b) Each officer shall serve for the term for which elected, or until the election and qualifications of a
successor to

(c) Terms of office shall be for one calendar year.

Section 4. Vacancies:

Any vacancy occurring between the Annual Meetings shall be filled at the next Regular or Special
Meeting. Should a
vacancy occur in the Office of President, when there exists a President Elect he/she shall become
otherwise the Vice President shall fill the vacancy, leaving the Vice Presidency the office to be filled.

Section 5. Election:

Nominations for Officers shall be submitted to the Secretary via email, phone or mail following the
announcement of
the Annual Meeting but prior to the Annual Meeting.   Nominations from the floor will also be
accepted at the Annual
Meeting.   Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting, by written ballot, provided however, that in
the event but
one person is nominated for an office the election may be by voice vote.
The term of office shall begin immediately upon election after the annual meeting.

In the event there are three or more candidates for any office, and no candidate receives a majority of
the votes
cast, there shall be a runoff between the candidates receiving the largest number of votes.

Section 6. Duties of the President:

(a) The President shall preside at all meetings.

(b) The President and the Secretary shall prepare all agendas.

(c) Except as otherwise provided, the President shall appoint all committees, who shall serve at the
pleasure of the
President, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. Except as otherwise provided the
President shall
have the power to make any other appointments.

(d) Within any limitations imposed by these By-Laws, or duly adopted resolutions of the organization,
the President
shall have general power to conduct and manage the affairs and business of ECMHC,Inc.

(e) All offices and departments of ECMHC,Inc. shall be under the supervision of the President.

(f) The President shall enforce these By-Laws and other rules and regulations of ECMHC,Inc. and
perform all the
duties incident to the position and office, and which are required by law.

(g) All actions of the President may be subject to the review of the Members.

Section 7. Duties of the Vice President:

The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence, or inability
to act, or at
his/her request.

Section 8. Duties of the Secretary:

(a) The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept a full and complete record of the proceedings of all

(b) The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept the books, documents and papers of ECMHC, and
attend to all
instruments executed by the President, or by his/her direction, which may require it.

(c) The Secretary shall keep on file or cause to be kept, all committee reports.

(d) The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept the club’s membership roll, and to call the roll where
it is required.

(e) The Secretary shall issue all memberships and keep current membership records.

(f) In the absence of the President and Vice President, to call the meeting to order and preside until
the election of a
Chairman pro tem, which should take place immediately.

(g) The President and Secretary shall prepare all agendas.

Section 9. Duties of the Treasurer:

(a) The Treasurer shall receive or cause to be received all monies belonging to or paid into ECMHC,
Inc. and shall
deposit same in a bank checking account in a timely manner.

(b) The Treasurer shall disburse funds of ECMHC. Expenditures over $100.00 must be approved by
the President
or the Board of Directors.

(c) The Treasurer shall keep or cause to be kept, complete books of account and shall issue an
itemized statement
and report at each meeting and such interim reports as may be required.


Section 1. Horse Show Committees.

(a) The President shall appoint the Chairperson of the Horse Show Committee. The Show
Chairperson shall then
select two or more members, to be recommended to the President for appointment to serve on that
Committee. The
Horse Show Committee shall serve at the pleasure of the president, shall schedule and provide for
arrangements, and supervise ECMHC<Inc. Club Shows. The Show Chairperson shall administer to all
items of
business pertaining to shows with the exception of those items that the local Show Chairperson may
provide for,
and with the exception of depositing and disbursement of monies.

(b) Nothing in this section shall preclude Articles II and IX.

Section 2. Director of Public Relations:

(a) The Director of Public Relations shall be appointed by the President.

(b) The primary function of the Public Relations Department is to promote ECMHC,Inc. and other
matters of Public

Section 3. Other Committees:

The members at any Regular Meeting, or the President may from time to time provide for the
appointment and
duties of other committees.


All EMCHC,Inc. Club Shows shall be sponsored and sanctioned by AMHR  and also may be
sanctioned by AMHA,
AMHR and WCMHR. No other shows shall be sanctioned except by the special permission of the
majority of the
voting members at a Regular Meeting.

All ECMHC,Inc. shows shall be judged under the current AMHR Show Rules.

Show fees shall be set by the majority of voting members at the meeting, except for all Junior
Members who are in
good standing.


The Officers of the organization shall recommend a schedule of fees to the voting membership. The
membership shall determine, from time to time, the fees and any changes to these fees, charged by
the club.

Nothing in this Article shall preclude Article IV, Section 3.


The ECMHC,Inc. shall have general rules and regulations to govern matters not contained in these By-
Laws, but
they shall not supersede these By-Laws.

The power to enact, repeal, and amend the General Rules and Regulations is given by Article V,
Section 2 (b).

Action may be taken at any Regular Meeting by the voting membership to enact, repeal, and amend
the General
Rules and Regulations as per Article VI.

Upon dissolution of the club, any funds in the treasury shall be dispursed to the agreed upon non-
profits as listed in
the Mission Statement.

Revised Feb. 17, 2007
*2019 Officers*
President - Katie Pulley
Vice President - Kelly Joyner
Treasurer - Dan Mershon
Secretary - Tammy Mitchell
BOD member - Karen Hunter
*2019 Show*
East Coast Spring Fling
April 19 to 21, 2019
Williamston, NC
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